How To Draw A Unicorn


Welcome to our drawing tutorial on how to draw unicorn. A very popular magical creature with iconic long horns.

Bring magic to paper by learning how to draw unicorn. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through 9 steps designed for children, beginners, and anyone who wants to make funny unicorn images.

Unicorn are mythical and magical horses with spiral horns in the middle of their heads. Although there is no fossil evidence from such creatures, it has been depicted in civilization in Europe and Asia since ancient times. Unicorn are one of the most popular mythical creatures. A unicorn is a strong, wild and ferocious creature. There are various ways to describe , so this article has a traditional version, a cartoon version, and a cute version. Choose the style that suits your needs.

In fact, in ancient Greece, unicorn were not displayed in their mythology, but in their encyclopedia of natural history.

Keep reading this tutorial on how to draw a unicorn.

We often see pictures of horned horses in various places. Some people put the picture on clothes, bag decorations, and so on. This horned horse is a unicorn, a mythological creature.

Adventurers say that they saw a unicorn in the place they went. This creature is described as having a body like a horse with its hind legs like an antelope. Not only that, the creature’s tail resembles a lion and has a goat-like beard. Usually, unicorn feathers are white, although some have a mixture of other colors. Unicorn blood is an effective remedy, and is able to make life eternal.

Modern scientists have tried to explain what these creatures really are. No one can explain where people got the idea to say that these creatures existed. However, until now the unicorn is still in the emblem of the British shield. In addition, many cartoon characters or characters adapt the unicorn shape. Until now, there are still many who believe in the existence of unicorn. How about you, believe the unicorn is there?

This will be an easy and funny lesson to follow and also a perfect picture to do with friends, family or even just yourself. You can dress this unicorn on some Easter supplies, or you can make a good fantasy style background to place it. If you are a boy and you want to try this tutorial, all you have to do is color it in your unicorn for children under childish shade. The possibilities are endless when it comes to drawing and creating.

Today, unicorn are no longer believed to be real, but you can bring them to life with art. You don’t need to know how to draw a horse, or a horn – I will guide you step by step! But if you want to be better prepared, try this tutorial first:

Do you want to draw your own unicorn? All you need is a piece of paper, a pencil, and an easy tutorial to draw step by step. Optionally, you might want to have an eraser that is useful for correcting errors and deleting guidelines.

In each step of this drawing guide, you will add a new line to your image – highlighted in blue in the illustration – or delete the line that was made before.

How To Draw A Unicorn

How to draw a unicorn 1
How to draw a unicorn step 1
How to draw a unicorn 2
How to draw a unicorn step 2
How to draw unicorn 3
How to draw a unicorn Step 3
How to draw a unicorn 4
How to draw a unicorn Step 4
How to draw unicorn 5
How to draw unicorn Step 5
How to draw unicorn 6
How to draw Unicorn Step 6
How to draw unicorn 7
How to draw unicorn Step 7
How to draw unicorn 8
How to draw unincorn Step 8
How to draw unicorn 9
How to draw unicorn Step 9

Final Step: Paint your unicorn image using a colored pencil, marker or even a crayon! You can color your pictures as you like. For this look, use pink on the mane, tail, and nails. To effect the gradient on the unicorn eye, color the top of dark blue and the bottom of light blue.

How to draw unicorn 10
How to draw unicorn Final step

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