How To Restart Iphone 8

how to restart iphone 8

If your device becomes unresponsive, you must remember Apple’s complicated process to restart. It’s no longer as simple as pressing two buttons.

Shutting down regularly still needs to hold the Side button for a few seconds until the “slide to power off” message appears. In iOS 11 and iOS 12, there is also the option “Turn Off” in the Settings application at the bottom of the General menu.

As we noted in our hands-on video search, the second iOS 11.1 beta was released, pressing and holding the Sleep / Wake button (now officially renamed the Side button) + one of the volume buttons calling the SOS call function on the iPhone 8.

If you try the same thing to rebook like on Iphone 7 on an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus, you will immediately find out that the SOS Emergency feature is triggered. Depending on your settings, your cellphone might end up ringing a loud alarm and calling an emergency service when all you want to do is restart your device.

But with the iPhone 8, the process is very complicated. It feels poor performance and even harder to remember. Follow this step to rebook your iphone device.

How to restart iphone 8

  1. Press and release the volume button up quickly
  2. Press and release the volume button down quickly
  3. Press and hold the “side button” (power button) until you see the Apple logo

How to Restart iPhone 8 and 8 Plus from Setting menu

  1. Open the Settings application → Go to General.
  2. Tap on Accessibility.
  3. Tap on AssistiveTouch.
  4. Turn it on.
  5. Next, tap the AssistiveTouch button.
  6. Then, tap on Device → More.
  7. Tap Restart → Then, you need to tap Restart again in the popup to confirm.

Restarting / soft reset can solve problems such as reset / reboot continuously, device crashes, freezing, won’t ring or vibrate, can’t make or receive calls, lock the device, and the keypad doesn’t respond.

We often recommend that the factory reset your iPhone as a last resort if you experience a problem that you cannot resolve, but it should also be used when you trade your iPhone, give it to friends, or if the cellphone has been lost or stolen.

What do you think about the new methods involved in forced restart, recovery mode and DFU? Speak in the comments below with your thoughts and opinions.

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